What is O-Week?

This is where your new life begins!

On behalf of Lahore University of Management Sciences, we welcome you and your family to the LUMS community. At LUMS, orientation, commonly referred to as O-Week is a long standing tradition. Over the course of this five day program students will get better acquainted with all that LUMS has to offer while making new friends and setting into their new community. Special programs for parents and families, exciting events, and trips outside of LUMS make o-week a transformative experience for everyone and we couldn't be happier to share this tradition with you. 

What is really going to happen:

You will be entering like little mules into this big unknown world. You won't know anyone there. But you will be excited still. You would have made it into one of the best universities and your parents will be proud of you.

Then will begin O week. There would be a mess everywhere, you won't know where to go. Far away little people wearing bright colored tees will be standing with group placards in their hands. You will race to the guy holding your groups placard and then they will assemble you into lines. Then will begin the ice breaking. Clap your hand .Beat it .And what now. You will just fall into sync and forget your inhibitions.

There you go, your real Oweek fun and memories begin. Carnival, art competitions, sports gala and socialising sprees with your group. Its an endless journey of fun. *winks*


Important Notice

Dear Freshmen, 

On behalf of the entire LUMS community, the O-Week Co-ordination Committee welcomes you to LUMS. We hope you have enjoyed your vacations and are all set to begin your 4 year amazing journey at LUMS. Just to run few details across. KINDLY MAKE A NOTE.

-Hostel check-in for all out-of-station students are on 24th of August from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. (email residence@lums.edu.pk in case of hostel accommodation related queries)
-2 family members are allowed for the Opening Ceremony. 

Following documents are required for your verification (MANDATORY):
-Conditional offer letter and its 2 photocopies
-Attested A-Levels/FSc results and its 2 photocopies
-Suitable photo identification (CNIC/Passport etc)
-Financial Aid letter (if applicable)

What it's all about.. 

Opening Ceremony

On behalf of Lahore University of Management Sciences, the faculty welcomes the freshmen into LUMS family. This marks the start of a new life for the freshmen.

Mind Quest and Sports Gala

Would you like to try something other than academics? Experience the thrill of mind quest with O-week’14. This competition challenges all aspects of your knowledge, ranging from history to art, all at a countdown.


An explosion of color, music, revelry and creativity, nothing can rival the euphoria and stunning spectacle of our festival.  With its spectacular décor, outstanding costumes, pulsating music and unparalleled stamina for partying, the carnival will surely knock you off your feat. 

Art Competition

Art competition is organized to discover the artistic talents and creative abilities in the freshman students.  Art is like a universal way to communicate, people can share a common identity through art. 

Topical Seminars

Inspirational talks by the likes of Omair Rana, Arif Zaman and Anjum Altaf with their natural gift of binding the audiences, will share a vast sea of knowledge and experience. They will not only guide you to a successful career but will also boost your confidence and introduce you to different aspects of life.

Talent Show

A show that will feature a series of performances by the groups of freshman. In this event everybody gets a chance to show off their hidden talents and impress their fellow batchmates. 

Get in touch with us

We'd love to hear your queries regarding any orientation or registration related matters. Feel free to contact us! :)