Congratulations Class of ’23!

Begin the exciting journey through LUMS with the popular Orientation Week!  O-Week, as it is commonly known, is a great time to get a feel of the campus, meet peers and faculty, and find out what it means to be a part of the LUMS community.

O-Week is just the start of your introduction to campus life and many activities have been planned to successfully aid your transition into a ‘happening university life’. You will soon learn to find your way through the maze that is the Academic Block and discover that the Sports Complex is the best place to end your day.

Learn, explore, and get acquainted with the dos and don’ts of the University, know the most sought after hangouts, and rediscover the meaning of self service in the world of Zambeel. Come discover all you can do as a LUMS student and how to find support when needed.

We assure you these will be the best four or five years of your life. Once again welcome aboard!

"I’d give up my experience at Amherst for my experience at LUMS"

Hina Rabbani Khar




All it Took was Four Years

When I first came to LUMS, I heard many of my seniors calling it home. When my first year ended, I heard the same people crying over graduating and despairing over how quickly their time at LUMS had passed. Back then, I did not -Mustafa Humayun 

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20 words that are so LUMS

  1. Khoka: That place with all the umbrella tables! It is perhaps that one place which ties LUMS together. No matter what the weather is like, you will always find friendly faces either singing, playing cards, eating or just chilling. -Fatima Umar
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How to Beat the Blues

As brave as you think you may be, as independent as you may want to be, as homely or daunting as LUMS may feel at the start, it is inevitable that you will feel a bout of home sickness. -Syed Taabish Ali Naqvi

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Food at LUMS

For the Hostelites, there is a bitter truth that you all need to be acquainted with. Unfortunately enough, mom won’t be present to put a table laid with food for you; you’ll have to do the job yourself. -Aiza Hussain

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Dorm Room Checklist

When you’re moving from one city to another, packing isn’t easy. And we all know that stuffing all your belongings – from your favorite book to a gazillion pairs of shoes – into one suitcase is a pain. -Zuha Siddiqui

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