Life of Hostelites


When you move in, you think to yourself, “How am I going to fit all my things here?” but somehow you manage. You end up stuffing your clothes in the cupboards and everything else you own in the bed drawers. Your stuff will end up everywhere, and as things start piling up, you will find yourself spending hours looking for that one shirt you could have sworn you just saw.


You will probably think to yourself at some point that you would like to start cooking in the hostel. Ahh yes, we have all fallen a victim to this thought! Eventually, you will realise it takes money, time, and storage to cook things up and to stock your ingredients and equipment. You can be considered to have your life together if you even manage to fry an egg for breakfast every once in a while. Most of the times you will either be rushing to eat PDCs breakfast or grab something from khoka as you run to class. Nevertheless, it is always great to keep supplies for tea or coffee, as well as quick things like instant noodles with you just in case you do not want to leave your room.

Room Hangouts

Getting together with your friends in the room for random spontaneous hangouts is the purest feeling that a hostelite can experience. They might come over to ask for something or “study together,” but it never works out that way. Soon, you guys will order food to the hostel and be arguing about who has to go get it. You will also probably be too loud for everyone else’s liking, as you would be goofing off with your friends. Some extra lucky ones might get the warden called on them for being too loud!


When you have a quiz coming you might consider it a bright idea to study in the hostel. With this, you should be prepared for constantly getting distracted by your chatterbox roommate or people coming in and out of your room. Also, seeing your cosy bed right next to you might just end up tempting you to sleep (I know it has for me) and you will probably succumb. During exam season you might want to try the library or IST, which are more productive options.


I get bad flashbacks even as I write about this. Be prepared for not only your alarms but also your roommates’ alarms ringing your ears off. You might be telling yourself you will be able to follow your home routine at LUMS, sleeping at 11:00 pm and waking up by 7:00 or 8:00 am, but no. You will be sleeping at odd timings in the night, depending on whether you are done with your work or socialising, then you will get up drowsy and have to go back to sleep some time in the day (as will your roommates), so be prepared for alarms at odd timings.

Common Rooms

Ahh yes, the mattress/common room frenzy during summer. The AC’s will be on in all the common rooms (one on each floor) for the summer months. You should definitely invest in a foldable mattress for this because you will likely want to shift to the common room in the heat. Many of you will probably fight it in the start, saying you are not comfortable (I know I did), but the heat will get to you and you will give in. Then you will have to make sure you occupy a spot every few days, depending on how often your mattresses are moved for cleaning purposes. Calling your friends to hurry up and set up their mattresses, and then trying to find a spot next to each other is all pretty fun.

Communal Washrooms

Communal washrooms are really not as bad as one might think. They are cleaned multiple times throughout the day but still, make sure you keep your own hygiene in check. You will find yourself alone most of the time considering each wing has two sets of communal washrooms. There is also hot water most of the time when you need it, if not, then you will probably be asking on the whatsapp group chat if any floor has it. It will be fine!


Being a hostelite, we get to be out on campus 24/7, and find relaxation at different spots all over campus. This means having deep conversations with friends on the volleyball bleachers, heading to chill at SDSB during summer nights, or stargazing at the cricket ground with a group of friends. You can also head to the khoka to get something to eat and might just end up bumping into a friend and having a random chat for about an hour. And let us not forget waiting to see the sunrise at the cricket ground with your friends- very picturesque.

Room Décor

Living away from home definitely takes some adjustment. In order to really make the hostel feel homey and cosy, you will definitely have to decorate it and add your own special touch. You might want to put some fairy lights by the bed, set up some candles, put up pictures of family and friends from home (and overtime your new friends!). Keep your desk and shelf looking tidy if you really want your room to look presentable.


As hostelites, we have access to a few extra facilities day-scholars do not really need. This includes laundry, which is great, considering you will not have the time to be washing all your clothes by hand. Just make sure you keep all the receipts! Males will have access to the on-campus barber and females have access to three parlours in the hostel area, which is quite convenient as you may not have time or energy to leave the campus.


So as much as we would all like to have the luxury of ordering food or eating at places like Jammin for every meal, you simply cannot. After the first month, you will probably realise you spent way too much. Soon you will figure out how to eat on a budget (PDC is your best friend) while still being able to manage your social activities.